At the beginning of each year, teachers in the state of Wisconsin are required to set their Professional Practice Goals (PPGs) to help further their reflection as an educator and enhance the learning process for their students.   By implementing ConquerED into the daily classroom routine, feedback on classroom understanding is easily accessible and helps educators achieve these goals.  ConquerED provides students an opportunity to reflect on their learning each day and gives teachers the data needed to assess student understanding and make changes, if necessary.

From Day One, ConquerED has been focused on implementing an easy to use, data-based approach to developing Growth Mindset in schools for students and educators.  ConquerED checkins enable students to reflect on their understanding of daily work and helps them visualize their growth throughout the school year. The data is then compiled and prepared for the teacher on a daily basis showing them what works well and what topics may need to be revisited or improved.

This feedback is aggregated and easily usable on the Teacher Dashboard of ConquerED every day:

Setting A Quality PPG

According to the WEAC’s document on “What are Professional Practice Goals?”:

“PPGs are detailed, measurable performance goals based on a personal reflection completed using the standards for the [educator effectiveness] model being utilized in the district.”

Keyword, “measurable”.  To obtain any sort of goal it must be measurable and obtainable. You must be able to visualize an accomplished goal. There are myriad measurements already in place in education – class grades, reading scores, advanced placement tests, etc. – but too often we are missing reflective data from our learners.  A key component to achieving any PPG is to know if what you are doing is working. The more data one can aggregate to show their growth, the more likely they are to achieve the goal.

Using ConquerED to Conquer PPGs

ConquerED provides daily, analytical and qualitative feed back to help you accomplish your PPGs. By receiving feedback from each student in your classroom you, as an educator, can instantly know what is working and what is not working. Combined with test scores and grades, ConquerED is the missing link between actual feeling and understanding of course content, and the outcome on the final exam.

You also receive daily involvement from each student and can follow up with the ones that have not submitted feedback.  This opportunity for students to reflect on their understanding and struggles is essential to help students grow.  Students feel as if they have a voice, and educators can give additional support to students who don’t feel well about the course content before a final summative assessment.  All of this daily feedback and analytics will help you conquer your PPGs.

Benjamin P. Hardy has a beautiful article about setting and achieving goals If You Don’t Believe In Setting Goals, It’s Because You Don’t Know How To Do It). There is a paragraph that states:

And eventually, you do achieve your goal. And it becomes a pattern in your life. It becomes a habit. But this is a very, very different type of habit than doing the same behavior over and over and over. Those “habits,” which we are told are “essential for success” are not. Doing the same behavior repetitiously is how you go stale and apathetic, like those people who go into the gym and never push themselves in new and different ways. No, no, no. You develop the habit of learning and the process of faith. It doesn’t matter what you must learn, you’ve learned how to learn. Every time you learn something new, you face new battles that feel similar to the old battles. You’re forced to exercise learning styles you’ve generally avoided. You’re required to develop faith that you can actually achieve that goal. You’re forced to get strategic, and to consistently make progress toward that new goal. As you do this, you eventually develop the confidence that you can do it. This confidence, founded on hope and resolve, allows you to create momentum. Eventually, you learn that new thing and achieve that new goal. Then you do it all over again.

ConquerED, helps give you the daily feedback necessary to see where you are going and the confidence that what you are doing is working. It also creates a habit not only for the student to provide honest, quality feedback, but a habit of daily overview for the teacher to always move forward towards their goals.

If you have any questions on how ConquerED can help you reach your goals as an educator, feel free to reach out at any time!