Initially in my teaching career, I never really got the chance to connect with students in an advisory or homeroom setting.  This year, I get the chance to see the same group of students four times a week in advisory.

Only a few weeks in, we have spent our time getting to know each other and developing the community we will have throughout the school year.  My job as an advisor is to better know my students, to be an advocate for them, and to help them find success in school and their relationships.  Most of this comes through meaningful conversations taking place in community circles and pulling students aside to check in with them.  These personal moments allow everyone in advisory to be come more connected and, ideally, more supported.

It all sounds good in theory but too often the busyness of school can overtake my ability to faithfully monitor students.  Then, an idea!  ConquerED has a way to check-in with students! Rather than focusing on content understanding (i.e. did you understand the math lesson today?) why don’t I just ask the kids how they are feeling each day?  Students can respond they are enjoying their classes, stressed about a test, excited for an upcoming game, or concerned about something happening outside of school.  Regardless of what they write, it gives me a way to get a pulse on my students’ lives.

Being an advocate for students requires me to do my best to understand them as people and the situations through which they are going in life.  I’m excited to use ConquerED with my advisory.  Here’s to learning more about my students!