Regularly using ConquerED check-ins allows students to consider their own learning throughout a unit or project.  Teachers often collect formative feedback to inform their teaching but in many cases the feedback is of little use to students.  The ConquerED check-ins give students a daily opportunity to reflect and consider their progress.

  • If a student is “not well” we encourage them to reflect on the specific concept or skill that is giving them trouble and why it may not be working.  Did they not complete the homework? Are there things outside of class that have been a distraction?  Did your group get easily distracted?  Did the teacher go too fast?  Getting students to think about what needs improvement is essential to building reflective learners.
  • If a student is “okay” we encourage them to carefully consider why they chose that option instead of not-well or excellent.  With what are they still struggling?  With what do they feel fairly confident?  What assistance or work do they need to do to move from “okay” to “excellent“?
  • If a student is “excellent” we encourage them to think about what helped them get there.  Have parents been helping with homework?  Did the teacher do an excellent job explaining the material?  Have they been coming in for extra help?  Did a partner help explain?  Success is not accident, and it is important that students take note of what actions helped them find success.