We’ve been at it again!  We hope you enjoyed your summer and are excited for the new school year!  We have been hard at work giving you the best release of ConquerED.  We couldn’t have done it with all of your great feedback.  For the upcoming school year, we have so many exciting things to share:

  1. Dramatically Reduced Course Set Up Effort: We made it very easy for you to create and maintain your course. Rather than you setting up your gradebook (only to re-enter the assignments in ConquerED), we now do not require any course materials to be entered. This allows you to get your courses set up on ConquerED within 30 seconds or less. This is a huge time saver!
  2. Visualized Check-in Feedback: We now graph all of the check-in data from your students so students and teachers can identify performance trends
  3. Simplified Student Experience: We’ve dramatically improved the process for collecting feedback from students (mobile app coming soon)

These are only the three biggest improvements of many more that are available to you now. We can promise that we have been a lot busier than that over the past summer! Here is the full update…

Students Check-in Daily

At ConquerED, it is our goal to help students understand themselves more as learners and to give teachers the tools needed meet the diverse needs of each and every classroom.  Our newest update allows students a quick and simple way to check-in.  Each day students are asked how they felt about the day’s lesson: excellent, okay, or not-well.  They are also given the option to elaborate on their understanding if there is a particular activity that helped them feel confident or a topic that is still giving them trouble.

Students can “check-in” so teachers can see how the student is doing.

Teachers Can Visualize Daily Feedback

Daily Summary

Once students have submitted their check-ins, teachers are able to view the data in a variety of ways.  Each day, a summary will display with all of the check-ins for a particular course.  As seen below, it is sorted into the categories of “excellent”, “okay”, or “not well”.  This visualization allows teachers to look for trends between hours within a course as well as see how many students fall into each category. This allows teachers the ability to see which classes are more confident and which appear to need more support.  Rather than making decisions on a gut-feeling, have a clear understanding of where your class is at.

At a single glance, ConquerED displays your students’ feedback so you can see how every section responded to your current lesson.

Average Class Check-in

In addition, each day teachers can see the average understanding of their class.  This is calculated by finding the mean response of all students in a particular hour.  This can be used to help make decisions about your classroom.

  • If the mean score is low enough, should I revisit the concepts another day?
  •  If I thought that my lesson went well but students did not feel good about it, what do I need to revisit?

Compare averages and see which section needs more attention.

Sort Daily Responses By Student

Once you are able to visualize your class’ check-ins, you may want to know which specific students are struggling or feeling well about the class.  You are able to sort each day’s check-ins by hour, by check-in status, or by name.  This allows you to quickly take tabs on the students who may need more support and those who may be excelling.  This feature may be used to meet one-on-one with students or to make groups for the following day in class – either heterogenous or homogenous ability groupings, depending on the needs of the class.

ConquerED easily highlights which students have checked-in for the day and which ones have not.

Look For Trends

We understand that learning happens over time and we want to make sure that teachers have access to a history of their students’ check-ins.  With ConquerED you have the ability to look back at previous days, weeks, and months to determine which days appeared to be a struggle and which appeared to be more effective.  This may be useful when reviewing for exams, planning for future units, or having conversations with your class around expectations and what could be improved.

Also, ConquerED allows you to find specific students and look at their specific check-in history.  Look at trends that may be worrisome or worth celebrating; read a student’s description from their check-ins to learn more about them; have a conversation with them or parents about their learning and goals for the future.  The possibilities are endless once you have the feedback.

See each student’s history and identify trends.

ConquerED Enables Students To Become Reflective Learners

More than arming teachers with a tool that can help them teach, ConquerED aims to help students develop their own reflective abilities.  We want them to be thinking about what helps them learn best, and what they can be doing to become more active and engaged learners.

Students can visualize their previous check-ins over time broken down by day, week, or month.  They can search previous check-ins and read their earlier thoughts.  If teachers provide the space, these tools provide students the ability to think about their learning and the effort that went into it.  It allows students to look back at what topics were confusing – either to take note and study or to see how far they have come and to see the growth they have obtained.

Students can identify and reflect on their own performance.

Start collecting feedback and have meaningful conversations with students.

We’re only getting started and we have a myriad of new things that are in development right now. Our next release will be out very soon. Stay tuned and get started at https://conquered.io/