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We are excited to introduce student check-ins!  A simple and powerful tool that allows students to evaluate their own understanding while giving teachers the data needed to make informed decisions about their classroom.

Each day the students log-in to ConquerED they will have the ability to complete a check-in which asks them to rate their understanding (excellent, okay, or not-well) of that day’s lesson.  They are also given the option to elaborate on their understanding if there is a particular activity that helped them feel confident or a topic that is still giving them trouble.

Students can “check-in” so teachers can see how the student is doing.

Help students become reflective learners

Regularly using ConquerED check-ins allows students to consider their own learning throughout a unit or project.  Teachers often collect formative feedback to inform their teaching but in many cases the feedback is of little use to students.  The ConquerED check-ins give students a daily opportunity to reflect and consider their progress.

  • If a student is “not well” we encourage them to reflect on the specific concept or skill that is giving them trouble and why it may not be working.  Did they not complete the homework? Are there things outside of class that have been a distraction?  Did your group get easily distracted?  Did the teacher go too fast?  Getting students to think about what needs improvement is essential to building reflective learners.
  • If a student is “okay” we encourage them to carefully consider why they chose that option instead of not-well or excellent.  With what are they still struggling?  With what do they feel fairly confident?  What assistance or work do they need to do to move from “okay” to “excellent“?
  • If a student is “excellent” we encourage them to think about what helped them get there.  Have parents been helping with homework?  Did the teacher do an excellent job explaining the material?  Have they been coming in for extra help?  Did a partner help explain?  Success is not accident, and it is important that students take note of what actions helped them find success.

ConquerED collects how the student is feeling each day. This can be used to start a conversation with that student or viewed as whole to reflect on performance trends.

Data-driven reflection

At the end of each unit or project, students are asked to reflect on their progress toward their goal.  In addition to graded assignments, check-ins allow students to see how their basic understanding has changed throughout the previous days or weeks.

  • Perhaps students are saying they are “excellent“, yet they receive poor scores on homework, tests, or papers.  Why might this be happening?
  • Perhaps students end up “not-well” after almost every lesson.  What changes need to take place moving forward for students to change this trend?

Teachers and students can see the check-in history in an easy, visual format.

Feedback for Teachers

The proper use of formative feedback can separate good teachers from great teachers.  ConquerED check-ins give teachers a daily update on their students’ understanding which allows them to modify lessons as needed and work specifically with students and parents that need the most attention.

On the course overview page for teachers, you will be given a summary of class check-ins in order to get an immediate pulse of understanding.

  • Is your class excellent?  Take some time to think reflect on how you structured the learning in an effective way.
  • Is your class doing okay?  It might be time to connect with the individuals who are confused or ask your class with which specific concept they are struggling.
  • Is your class not-well?  It might be necessary to take another day or find new ways of explaining the material.

Teachers can see an average of how each hour is performing. All of this is based on the inputs of the students.

Organized Feedback

ConquerED makes it easy to view feedback, no matter if it is at large scale or in fine detail.

By Hour

We know it is important to investigate the needs of individual students.  Clicking on the recent check-in summaries on the overview page gives the teacher more detail pertaining to a specific class.  Teachers can determine the average score of the class, sort responses by student feedback, and read through the reflections to gain a better understanding of students.

This page can easily give you a look at who may be struggling and who is doing well so that you more effectively differentiate a lesson or more meaningfully connect struggling learners with those who are more confident.

Teachers can view, filter, and review check-in data by class or by student.

By Student

To see the progress of an individual student, select the “Student” tab on the top navigation bar or search for a student and click on their profile.  Within the student profile, click check-ins and the check-in history of a specific student will appear!

Past Results

If you prefer to easily compare classes or sort the responses all in one place, simply click check-ins on the top navigation bar.  You can separate student responses by hour or by response.  This can help you notice difference between classes or trends over time!

We are excited to share check-ins with ConquerED users and look forward to hearing about the innovative ways they are used!  If you have any ideas about how to improve check-ins please let us know!