Getting Started

How can I add or delete a class after I’ve already created a course?

Within a course, click on the “Settings” tab.

  • You can delete an hour by hovering a specific hour.  A trash icon will appear on the right.  You can delete the course by following the instructions when prompted.
  • You can add another hour/ period by clicking the link on the bottom then following the instructions provided.

As a teacher, how do I create another course once I’ve already created one?

There are two ways to create another course.

  • The first option is to click the dropdown tab in the upper-left.  At the bottom of all the courses displayed is an option to create another course.

As a student, how do I add a second course?

  • Click the dropdown tab in the upper-left.  At the bottom of all the courses displayed is an option to join another course.

Do my students need a laptop to log-in?

Yes…for now.  For now, ConquerED best accessed through the web from any laptop, Netbook, or Chromebook.

General Questions

How do I delete a student?

We understand that students may use the wrong email address to login or change classes.  To delete a student from a course, click on the student and click the ‘delete’ icon in the top right.

What happened to the features ConquerED used to have? (gradebook, strategies, etc.)

As a team, we decided to listen to the feedback of our users and restructure ConquerED in a way that saves teachers time and enhances the feedback they receive.  We will be continuing to update based on the needs of our users.  Please reach out and let us know what would you like to see!


Can students check-in multiple times?

Students are able to check in once per day in each class they are registered.

Is there a recommended web browser?

We recommend running the application on Chrome, but it should be compatible on most major internet browsers.  If you or students are running into issues, we recommend trying again on another browser, or contact us through the feedback widget in the lower right.

I have limited connectivity in my classroom.  What can I do to help students use ConquerED?

We understand that many districts are moving toward implementing wireless capabilities in all of their classrooms, but there can still be plenty of connectivity issues.  Here are a few recommendations if your students are struggling:

  • Talk to your administrator, library/ media specialist, or those in charge of technology to see if an additional access point can be added to your room or section of the building.  Make sure to explain the purpose is to aid student learning!
  • Rent a computer lab.  Our goal at ConquerED is to allow students the ease to reflect and progress within the classroom, but sometimes the realities of a school system means we need creative solutions.
  • Assign ConquerED work for homework.  If students can’t connect at school, maybe they can at home or elsewhere in the building.